Tuesday, December 22, 2015


By September, we were all well into the swing of the new school year, and we had our home improvement guy, Paul, do some minor work in our house. He painted upstairs, hung new curtains, and a few other little things that you can't really see but we're glad got done.
On this day, it looks like I started out taking pictures of the girls (Nora was apparently not pleased with Tilly's lack of cooperative for the camera) and then decided to admire the new paint and curtains.

Something fun Nora and I got to do was join Allison and Amelia at the Melting Pot for a princess lunch. It was Nora's first experience with fondue. I'm not sure she loved it, but she did have fun meeting Anna and Elsa.

 Tilly got to watch her first Vols game on TV. Go Big Orange!

Nora and her Daddy snuggled up with a good book and Tilly wanted in on the love.

Tilly tried to feed herself something with a spoon but obviously wasn't so sure about whatever it was.

She also took an epic nap on mommy and daddy's bed. Those lips!

Nora came down with pink eye. This was my first ever experience with pink eye. Nora handled it like a champ, but she did have to stay out of school for a day. She loved playing in the rain on her day off. it was such a joyous thing to watch her play in the rain. Oh to live in the moment and experience sheer joy like a child does.

The Tennessee Valley Fair was in town. Nora really enjoyed the kiddie rides this year, while Tilly just chilled in her stroller. Brad and I got on a couple of rides each, though Nora did banish Brad to the carousel bench at one point. Nora finished off the fun while sitting on a tractor and eating a corn dog. That's about as Tennessee Valley Fair as it gets!

Tilly turned 8 months old, which seems impossible. Time is flying by too quickly!

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