Sunday, June 15, 2014

Week Twenty-Four

This week was Father's Day. We celebrated by having lunch at Dede and Grandpa's like we usually do on Sunday. We had a pretty big crowd today, including Elisabeth, Patrick, and Naomi, Bo, Lea, and Mary, Bill and Hannah, Bill and Penny, and Rachel Hambright.

I wish I had thought to get a picture of the whole group, but I got caught up taking pictures down by the pool of my two favorite people in the whole world who had WAY too much fun playing together today.

Nora mostly wanted to stay near the edge where she could stand or sit on some steps and easily climb in and out, but as you can see, there were a couple of times when she let Brad venture out with her into the deeper part of the pool. She even blew some bubbles in the water and kicked her feet while Brad held her. She definitely  made progress today.

After drying off and heading home, we enjoyed a quiet and relaxing rest of the day.  It wasn't a fancy day, but I'm hoping Brad felt loved by me and Nora who do love him more than words can say.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Weeks Twenty-Two and Twenty-Three

The past two weeks, we've seen many summer-like temperatures. Last week, we were invited to Amelia's pool to play, and after that, Nora decided that pool season was officially in-session.

Here she and Amelia are having a blast playing in Amelia's pool.

After they splashed and slid and "swam", they ran around the yard a bit before enjoying a pizza picnic lunch.

So later in the week, Nora noticed her old baby pool in our yard, and begged to be allowed to "swim" in it. She also had the genius idea to include her old sliding board in the mix, and what was born was what Nora referred to as "amazing" and "the best day ever". You can't argue with that kind of fun!

Finally, this past weekend, we celebrated Amelia's 3rd birthday at a children's museum. Nora had so much fun playing at the different imaginative stations, watching a movie in the planetarium, and of course, eating cake.

Once we got home from the big party, we spent some time playing in our own back yard before calling it a day.

On the family front, our house has been on the market now for 3.5 months. We've had some interest but no offers yet. It would be ideal if we could move sometime before school starts back in August, but I'm afraid it isn't going to be in the cards seeing as how it is already mid-June.

Also, with it being June, I'm smack dab in the middle of summer school. 13 days to go!