Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Week Fifty-Two

We never would have thought when we put our little house on Bradshaw Garden on the market waaay back in February that we would be moving during the final week of 2014, but that is exactly what has taken place. It's been a whirlwind of a month in the house selling and buying department, but after starting to work with a new real estate agent, everything happened really quickly.

Leaving the old house was bittersweet. Mostly sweet, but it was our first house, after all. The house we brought Nora home to. We made lots of wonderful memories in that house. We were more than ready to move on, but it was still weird to walk away one last time.

Here is Nora playing in and saying goodbye to her first home one final time.

Her first bedroom

And while she has had a few "I want to go home" moments since moving into the "new house", she is mostly happy and getting settled in with her dogs, who are 100% loving their new homestead.

After such a big week of getting moved, here are Brad and the pups celebrating a wild and crazy New Year's Eve!

Week Fifty-One

Merry Christmas!!

This week, 2 huge things happened:

1. We closed on our "old" house and our "new" house!!!

We are now proud second time homeowners of what we hope will be our "forever home". There will be lots of pictures of our new house posted in the coming weeks as we get settled in and then bring home a baby (!!??) but for now, behold the beauty that is the new house keys.

2, CHRISTMAS!!! This was the first year that Nora actually asked for things for Christmas, and between us and Santa, we really wanted her to have it all. I know in coming years, Santa and we will need to pick and choose from her list, but this Christmas felt like a "big" one for more than one reason, and since Nora is such a good girl, Santa really delivered. She had a really fun Christmas morning opening and enjoying her gifts, and for that reason, it was a lot of fun for us, too.

Christmas Eve at Bo and Lea's house:

Christmas Eve at home:

Christmas morning at home:

Christmas afternoon at Dede and Grandpa's house:

It's hard to believe that this time next year, we will have 2 little girls opening presents on Christmas morning. We're feeling very thankful as 2014 is coming to a close.

Weeks Forty-Nine and Fifty

Lately, Nora has been fussy about going to dance and gymnastics class. Something she used to love has now become a struggle. I think a part of it is that there has been a lot of turnover in teachers. Since the summer when her beloved Miss Sara moved to Florida, there have been 5 or 6 different teachers come and go. Nora is definitely a creature of habit, so I'm pretty sure that has contributed.

I was very close to canceling her membership to The Little Gym altogether after the 3rd week in a row of her refusing to participate, but after talking to a few people, we have decided to try her in the gymnastics class only starting on January 10th. I hope she warms back up to it because when she loves it, she reeeallly loves it!

On this particular day when she refused to dance or play, we left early and stopped by the most amazing food truck in the word-- The Poutinemobile! This is quite the find in Knoxville since poutine is a French Canadian dish. It's authentic poutine made by a couple from Montreal. This is not an everyday treat, but I'm so glad it is here for an every once in a while craving.

Nora was pretty excited about it, too!

Something else we did this week in preparation for Christmas is put together and decorate our first gingerbread house. It isn't pretty, but someone was pretty proud of herself.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Weeks Forty-Seven and Forty-Eight

This week was Thanksgiving week, and right now, we have so much to be thankful for.

We are thankful for this little face that we can't wait to meet in just 6-7 short weeks.

We have this sweet face that was SO excited to make banana cream pie for Thanksgiving dinner.

We have each other, and that is no small thing.

Also, at long last, we finally have something else big to be thankful for. We sold our house!! And we bought a new house!! Well, fingers crossed, if all goes well, all of this will be finalized in a few short weeks. We should be closing on both houses on December 31st. Just in time for a really BIG new beginning. I don't want to share a picture of the house yet and jinx it, but we are just so excited. We believe it is the perfect house in the perfect neighborhood to raise our family, and if we have it our way, it is the house our kids will some day "come home to" when they are grown and out on their own.

Here are a few more Thanksgiving pictures of Nora and her cousin Naomi who I *think* she has finally stopped calling "baby Naomi".

And is there any better way to end Thanksgiving week than to "deck the halls"?

Nora has created her Christmas wish list for Santa. She wants:
- An iPad
- A fairy (??)
- A trumpet
- A violin
- A flute

Really? A trumpet, violin, AND flute?? Oh, Nora, if Santa fulfills your wish list, it will be a very noisy Christmas.

Since we are moving right after the holiday, we are keeping it simple. Just our small artificial tree decorated with generic ornaments that Brad picked up at Target (because ours are in storage and it was too much trouble to try to find them right now). No garland, no snowman candles, no lights outside. But we have our little tree, and we are looking forward to a very Merry Christmas and a huge, life-changing New Year.