Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Being the generous big sis that she is, Nora kindly shared her pink eye with both me and Tilly. Like Nora, a little pink eye couldn't keep Tilly down, as you can see from the smile.

Nora insisted on making silly faces for the camera. This kid cracks me up on a daily basis.

Here I am showing off my new ring! I finally got my girls' birthstones on a band that I can wear with my wedding set. I love how it looks so much. Nice manicure, too, right?

Being October, we did our annual trip to the pumpkin patch. It was Tilly's first, and sadly, she was under the weather. She was not at all interested in pumpkins or hay bales or getting her picture taken. Nora picked out some pumpkins, and we got out of there pretty quickly. Then Tilly passed out on me at home for a long nap. Poor little pumpkin, she was.

Sweet Tilly still wasn't feeling well when we took her 9 month pictures. I have no idea how this baby is getting so close to being a whole year old. Didn't she just get here??

Halloween was a lot of fun for Nora this year. She actually got 2 costumes which meant Tilly got 2 coordinating costumes. I wonder how many years I'll be able to get them to dress alike. I'll milk it while I can. So, costume #1 for Boo at the Zoo was Nora's choice-- the unicorn. Costume #2 for neighborhood trick or treating was Strawberry Shortcake for Nora, while Tilly was a juicy strawberry. You're welcome, girls! xo

I couldn't resist asking Brad to take a picture on this day. I don't know how many more opportunities I'll have to hold Nora like this while she sleeps. She just crawled up on my lap and passed out. She wasn't sick, just sleepy, and she loves her momma. The feeling is clearly mutual.

Leading up to Halloween, Nora's pre-school had a sort-of spirit week. Behold "80s Day" and "Storybook Character Day".

Here are those strawberry pictures I promised. I mean, can you blame me?

Dare I say that October was Spooktacular? (You're welcome again, girls. xo)

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