Monday, October 27, 2014

Week Forty-Three

This week, we took Nora to "Boo at the Zoo". It's a Halloween event put on each year by the Knoxville Zoo where they set up candy stations along with people in costume and animal exhibits for everyone, young and old, to enjoy. We went last year, and Nora loved it, so it will probably be a part of our annual Halloween tradition from now on.

Nora's friend, Amelia and Penelope, were also there. All 3 were adorable in their costumes (Butterfly, Little Red Ridinghood, and Scooby Doo), and although they were all also a little bit sleepy (no one wanted to take a nap earlier in the day), they had a great time running around, collecting candy, waving to and posing with characters, and dancing at the big finale.

Waiting for the shuttle to take us up the big hill
Checking out the camels with Daddy
She even took a turn petting the camel
More cheesy smiles
Sometimes even butterflies need to be carried
Checking out the big fire truck- the fire fighter was amused as she pretended to drive the truck and said "Weewoooweeewoo", her best imitation of the sound a fire engine siren.

Visiting with some princesses and one evil queen
Momma and her beautiful butterfly
When we left the zoo, we decided we needed to grab dinner. We went to Calhouns on the River, which seemed like a good idea, but the service was soooooooooo slow that it ended with Brad having to carry a tired and crying Nora out of the restaurant while I paid for our food. She did calm down in the car, though, and she was happy once we got home and got her into her bed. It was one of the first nights in a while that she didn't wake up and call for one of us in the middle of the night, so I guess she really was worn out.

Weeks Forty-One and Forty-Two

One of the highlights of these past couple of weeks was our trip to Atlanta to see "Disney Presents Frozen on Ice". While we were there, we also visited the aquarium. Allison and Hugh took Amelia as well, so Nora had a friend to play with all weekend.

I have to admit, I had hoped that since it was 10 months since Nora's last big car ride that she would be a better traveler, but she really wasn't. My child hates long car rides. HATES!!  The trip to Atlanta was torture. She whined and cried and screamed, and I thought Brad and I might lose our minds. Thankfully, on the car ride back, she got really into watching a couple of movies, and we were able to travel in peace.

While we were in Atlanta, she definitely had fun but also had some moments of crankiness. Both Frozen and the aquarium were packed to their limits, and I think that was a little bit overwhelming. It was also stressful for Brad and me at the aquarium because Nora wanted to explore a little more freely, which just wasn't possible due to the very large crowd. I'd say the highlight of the aquarium was the dolphin show when we were able to sit down and just enjoy it.

Overall, I'm glad we took the trip. I'm not sure how much Nora will remember of these excursions and events, but I'm hoping she at least has some vague memories of the fun she had.

The big FROZEN show:

Happily waiting for the show to begin
Anna, Olaf, and Kristoff
The trolls!
It's Sven! And Arandelle is saved.
Sisters are the best

The Aquarium:

Waving to the scuba diver
A moment of grumpiness
Back to smiling

And the hotel:

Showing off $38 in Frozen memorabilia
Farewell, Atlanta!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Week Forty

It's absolutely Fall in Tennessee. Leaves are starting to change color. The temperatures have dipped down into the 60s and low 70s during the day and much colder over night.  Pumpkin spice everything is everywhere. We have started packing away summer clothing, much to Nora's dismay, and long-sleeve season is almost in full-effect.

Yesterday, Allison and I took the girls to Gilreath Farm to visit the pumpkin patch and corn maze. The girls weren't much interested in giving us those picture perfect smiles we were looking for, but they did have fun, which is what really matters.

Arriving at the farm
Bounce houses are always a big hit!
Riding the barrel?
Pumpkin' pickin'
Mommy and her big girl
"Hi goat! How are you little guy? Are you hungry?" 
Checking out the corn maze
She was proud of her corn
Conversations with Wilber the pig

And I feel like this is the conversation Amelia and Nora had each time they saw one of us pull out a camera...

They don't give up, do they? I'm gonna look bored, and you squint at the camera.
Mission accomplished.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Weeks Thirty-Eight and Thirty-Nine

The past couple of weeks have been kind of low-key. Brad has been working extra evenings since it is football season, and I have been busy at school.

However, we did get some good news early in week 38. We found out that baby girl is 100% healthy with all of her bits and pieces working exactly as they should. We also chose a name for her.

Nora likes to call her Tilly as a nick name, but I kind of love "Matilda" as it is. Time will tell which name will stick, but either way, we're pretty excited to meet this sweet little thing come January.

I took an afternoon last week for some pampering. I got my hair cut and colored, and I got a pedicure. Nora hasn't stopped telling me since then how much she loves my hair and my toes. She's such a girly girl. Here I am taking a new hair selfie with a certain little monkey jumping on the bed.

Still no news on the house. We feel pretty sure at this point that it won't sell by the time we're ready to pull it off the market which is a month from now at the latest. I am sad that we most likely won't be settled into a new home before the baby arrives, but we will make it work and we'll try again in the spring, if that is what it comes to.