Tuesday, December 22, 2015


In November, I was thankful for many things. One thing that really stands out, though, is our basement renovation! I know that is very shallow, and of course, my kids, good health, and all of those really important things trump a pretty basement, but LOOK AT OUR PRETTY BASEMENT! We said good bye to the pink-beige stained carpets, the wood paneling, and the ugly curtains hung on rods that didn't fit. Look at these beautiful before and after pictures.

 So, other things I'm incredibly thankful for. These 2 girls and their friendship and love for each other. My heart.

 All the fun things Nora does and learns in pre-k, like this adorable Thanksgiving song that she performed at a Thanksgiving luncheon while dressed like a paper bag turkey.

"I'm thankful for the sun so bright. I'm thankful for the moon at night. Thankful for my family and for friends who play with me. Thanks for everything I see. I am thankful, yes sirree!"

Matilda Ann turned TEN months old. I had to steal some smooches because I can't hardly believe it's true. Also, notice my new hair cut and color. That was much-needed!

On this day, I really enjoyed just watching the girls play. They spent a good amount of time in the window admiring their Daddy while he mowed the lawn.

We celebrated Tilly's 1st Thanksgiving with dinner at Bo and Lea's. Trust me when I say that waaaay more food ended up on the floor than in her mouth.

So yes, I am very thankful for our new basement, but I recognize the many other things that our family has to be thankful for, as well.

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