Sunday, February 23, 2014

Week Eight

Knoxville has not only thawed, but this week, we saw some serious flip flop weather. We decided to take advantage and get Nora over to the Northwest Middle School/Victor Ashe green way for a walk.

And walk she did.

Nora walking running along the green way

Water stop
Something I could stand to learn from Nora is to slow down and really enjoy my surroundings. She stopped at every leaf, stick, rock, stream, and puddle to admire.

Here she and Brad are in a mad dash. I think Nora won the race by a hair.

She waved and said hello to every passer-by, and she (with permission) greeted every dog she met along the way. Such a sweet girl we have.

This week was also Winter Olympics week, and in true Canadian fashion, both the men and women won the gold medals for hockey. Go Team Canada! In celebration, Nora and I wore our Canada jerseys about town. And by town, I mean Target and McAlisters Deli.

Here's Nora at Target rockin' out to some Kelly Clarkson.

We got some smiles, nice comments, and only one noticeable glare/eye roll. Haters gonna hate! (By the time Nora reads this blog, I assume that expression is going to be incredibly outdated- it probably already is. I'm 100% certain that I'm not nearly cool enough to say it out loud.)

It was so pretty outside that once we got home from our excursion, which also included the playground, Nora insisted on playing in the backyard with our pups.

Not surprisingly, after such a busy morning and early afternoon, Nora was pooped. She crawled up on the foot of my recliner to watch Sesame Street, and before I knew it, she was snoring. Nora never falls asleep in a random spot, so I was kind of shocked. About 15-20 minutes later, she woke up and groggily crawled up on me where she slept for close to another hour.

Moments like these are to be cherished, even when there is a house to clean and school work to be done.

Finally, more house pictures!!

The sign goes on the front lawn tomorrow at 6:30 P.M.  I am so excited/nervous.

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