Sunday, February 9, 2014

Week Six

Let's call this the week of blurry cell phone pictures, shall we?

It's been a typical week with work and school and such ordinary things. Nora was excited to go to the gym yesterday. She talks all week about seeing "Ameeyah" and "Elatee" (Penelope) and Miss Sarah. This week, after class was over, we joined Allison, Hugh, and Amelia for lunch at Q'doba Mexican Grill, which was a new spot for us. We've eaten at Salsaritas, which is pretty well the same restaurant, but it was our first time at Q'doba. Kids meals were $1- score! This was even more of a score since Nora didn't touch her quesadilla. She only wanted to eat my chicken tortilla soup. She did eat most of her apple sauce, so that was something, I guess.

While we were there, Nora and Amelia got the sillies, of course. Amelia would lean over and kiss her Daddy on the cheek and giggle, so Nora decided to follow suit also kissing Hugh on the cheek. He got about a dozen kisses from each girl, and they thought it was sooooo funny.

Once they noticed that Allison had pulled out her phone to take pictures, they turned on the cheese.

When we were leaving, neither wanted to go separate ways, but they settled for some last minute hugs goodbye.

Today, we followed our regular Sunday routine, and while Brad was out picking up groceries, Nora and I took some silly selfies.

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