Sunday, February 2, 2014

Weeks Four and Five

These past 2 weeks have been kind of a blur. We have spent a lot of time inside because SNOW!

School was actually called off for 3.5 days due to this snowfall. We were sent home early on Tuesday, which was a bit chaotic. We ended up leaving my car at school overnight because Brad was nervous for me to drive home in the midst of the "storm". We had lots of quality family time, which I loved because quite honestly, Nora is a blast right now. Here she is watching clips from her favorite movie, Frozen.

Nora has informed me many times this week that she is Queen Elsa and I am Princess Anna. She's say, "I'm Queen Elsa. Who are you?" and I'll respond, "I'm Sarah Lyle." She is quick to tell me, "No, you're Princess Anna!" and then she'll ask again to make sure I know who I am.

She sings a mean version of "Let It Go!" sometimes with her own special hand gestures and dance moves. I'll have to get it on video soon.

With school being out, we spent some time with Jessica and Kaitlyn. One afternoon, we went to their house and spent some quality time. This was kind of a sad visit for me because it was our last visit with sweet Nova the golden lab.

Nova has since crossed over Rainbow Bridge. I'm going to miss this sweet girl so much. Nora loved giving her big hugs, and Nova didn't mind one bit. She was the world's biggest lap dog.

Another afternoon, Jess and Kaity came to our house for lunch (along with Nhyle), and after the kids wore themselves out playing in the backyard, we took Nora for her first trip to the library. Nora has been begging for a library card due to a certain episode of Bubble Guppies.

In the end, though, Nora wasn't interested in taking any of the books home with us, so I didn't get her a card just yet. I think we'll make a few more visits first and see if her interest grows. I'm glad we went, though, because she was incredibly excited when she saw shelves upon shelves of books, and that made ME incredibly happy.

The latter part of this week was spent getting our house as ready as possible before our realtor, Marcia, came by to talk about getting it listed on the market. We got some both encouraging and discouraging information, but we think we're still on track to get the house listed by the end of February. More about that soon!

Finally, tonight was Superbowl Sunday. UT's own Peyton Manning was leading the Denver Broncos against the Seattle Seahawks. Denver was probably the safe bet, and if nothing else, it should have been a close game, but sadly, Denver lost to Seattle 43-8. Thank goodness for some great commercials. Nora, watching Superbowl commercials will likely become a favorite tradition in our house as you grow.

I think this was when Seattle scored for the first of many times during the game. Brad's face looked like this for the majority of the game. As for Nora? Tonight, she was just in it for the snacks.

So after almost a full week's unexpected vacation, we all head back to the grind tomorrow.

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