Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Week Seven

This past week was a busy one. So busy that I'm a couple of days late putting this post together. The week started with the threat of a snowpocalypse, and sure enough, by Wednesday, school was cancelled, and that's how it stayed for the remainder of the week.

Depending on where you were in Knoxville, you saw anywhere from 4-7 inches of snow. In our neighborhood, we only saw 4.

It was the wet and sticky snow, so it was perfect for building snowmen. As a matter of fact, my entire Facebook feed was filled with pictures of snowmen. We were no exception. Once I convinced Nora, my southern belle, to play in the snow, we joined in on the fun.

Brad even had fun building a snowman of his own. He was pretty proud, even if I did think it was a little creepy looking. Really, rocks for eyes and a tree branch for a nose??

Once Knoxville thawed out, we were ready to celebrate Valentine's Day. Even though I didn't have school on Friday, I let Nora go to Ms. Tracy's for their party. She kept calling it the "Valentine's Birthday Party". I guess all parties are of the birthday variety? Before she left that morning for Tracy's, Brad kept with his tradition of presenting his littlest Valentine with a single red rose. This year, she was very excited to play with her pretty flower. This made it harder to get a good picture of her with her Daddy, and within minutes, her lovely long-stemmed rose was short stemmed.

Look at my pretty flower!
So proud of her short-stemmed rose in a vase.
Daddy and his littlest Valentine.

That evening, Hannah came over to baby sit so Brad and I could enjoy dinner and some adult conversation at Chop House. I wish I had thought to get a picture of us together, but I forgot. I did get this picture of our lovely Valentine's display complete with Nora's rose, my flowers, and the cards we gave to each other.

Can you feel the love?

The last thing we did as the week came to a close was take one step closer to putting our house on the market. We've started taking pictures of the interior for the listing. We've signed all the papers, and we should go "live" on the realtor websites by the time I publish my next entry. We have so many mixed feelings about moving. Mostly, we're ready, but we will feel some sadness when the day comes that we walk away from 1504 Bradshaw Garden Dr. for good. It's sad to think that Nora probably won't have any real memories of this house- the one she came home to for the first time.

Here are some of the pictures we took for our listing.

Master bedroom:

Nora's bedroom:


I will share more next week!

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