Sunday, March 3, 2013

Week 9- Low Key and Perfect

This week brought nothing new or special to the table, but it was a good week anyway. After several quiet evenings at home, we decided to try to get Nora out this weekend. Friday, we decided to take her to the in-door play ground at West Town Mall, and then we met Auntie Elisabeth for dinner at Brixx pizza. On Saturday, we took Nora back to the play ground, this time at East Town. She loves to climb in and out of the "car" and "airplane", but she especially loves to go down the little slide. It can be frustrating when there are a lot of bigger kids there running wild (with what appears to be no supervision... grrr!) but Nora seems to do fine, just the same.

One thing that Nora has been struggling with, though, is tantrums. I guess she is sneaking up on the "Terrible 2s", and so we see a lot of this these days.

Some things she has thrown tantrums over lately include being given the "wrong" snack (gold fish crackers instead of graham crackers) and being told "no" when she asked for the bazillionth time to watch Elmo. Brad took this picture, but he said he doesn't even remember what she was protesting in this specific moment.

While she has been a bit of a drama queen, she has also been extra snuggly lately. She spends a good amount of time curled up on me or Brad, which I love. Here we are snuggled up together this weekend.


Today, we did visit Dede and Grandpa for lunch. I keep meaning to get some pictures of Nora with them and with whoever else happens to be there for lunch that day. (This week, it was Elisabeth, Brooke, and Tori.) I always forget, though. Here we are leaving our weekly Sunday lunch get-together.

Finally, for something different, Copper had a rough evening. He didn't seem to have much of an appetite and was whimpering a bit. Brad was worried something was wrong with him, so he took him out for a little walk around our yard. He seems fine now. I think he was just trying to get some one-on-one time with his Daddy.

You can't see it, but he is on a leash. Copper would be long gone on a great adventure if we let him roam free.

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