Sunday, March 10, 2013

Week 10- Mommy's Big Trip

This week, I had to travel to D.C. for work. It was my first time away from Nora overnight, and I was actually gone for 3 nights! I was pretty anxious about it, and I did miss her and Brad a lot while I was gone, but we all survived. I didn't take my camera with me to D.C., so I have just a few fuzzy cell phone pics from the trip.

The MLK Monument.

Georgetown Cupcakes. We worked hard to get there. Apparently they are the focus of a Cupcake reality show on TLC. I had no idea, but one of my co-workers was not going to give up until we found this place! The cupcakes were good, but maybe not so good that they were worth the miles we walked to get there.

While in D.C., we found out that our district won an award for District of Distinction. We were one of only 2 districts to be given this honor. Here is a very small and fuzzy picture of me and some of my co-workers with the award and our school Superintendent, Dr. MacIntyre.

So while I was doing tons of things to keep me busy while on this trip, I was missing my family terribly. I was very thankful to Brad and Ms. Tracy who sent me several pictures each day.
Nora and Dontae being sweet.
Nora admiring herself in the bathroom mirror.
Nora and her Daddy just saying "hi". How beautiful is she??? (He's kind of cute, too, right?)
Outdoor play time because apparently Knoxville got some beautiful weather while I was away!
Finally, an update on our Copper dog. I mentioned last week that he seemed off. Well, he got worse, so we called the vet, and I'm so glad we did. The poor boy had pancreatitis!! After an overnight stay at the vet's office, lots of rest, and some antibiotics, this poor pitiful dog is starting to get back to his old self.

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  1. It's good for you to get away and be your own person every once in awhile. I am glad you all survived! I know it is hard--but I do have to admit--having the bed to myself and quiet all night is lovely!!! I have to do a 3 day trip at the end of the month too.