Sunday, March 31, 2013

Week 13- Happy Easter!

This was a pretty busy week. It was my spring break, and Brad took a couple of days off, too. That means we got lots of extra family togetherness time, which was wonderful.

Earlier in the week, Nora got her first haircut. I mean, her first professional at-a-salon haircut. I did a terrible job of trying to trim her hair months ago, and she's still suffering the consequences of that little fiasco. However, Traci at the hair salon did a great job trimming Nora's bangs, and even though Nora wanted nothing to do with the chair, we still managed to get the job done.

Before- playing in the yard with Daddy:

During- sitting on Mommy's lap:

And after- shorter bangs, but the same sweet curls in the back:

I think the Easter pictures we had taken at Portrait Innovations really show off her haircut nicely:

Something else that happened this week is that Nora decided her blocks are the best toy ever! She was entertained for a long time building the tallest possible tower and then watching it fall apart. Again and again and again!

The Easter Bunny got the memo and included some new Legos with Nora's Easter basket!

Easter was nice, but unfortunately, Brad had a little stomach bug. After Nora spent the morning with her Easter goodies...

...she and I went to church where she participated in an egg hunt before the church service.

The Easter church service was lovely, and our pastor gave a passionate sermon that is resonating with me still this evening. While he was speaking, I couldn't help but smile as a hymn I used to sing as a child came back to me:

 I am the resurrection and the life;
He who believes in me will never die.
I am the resurrection and the life;
He who believes in me will live a new life.

We had plans to have dinner with friends tonight. Brad was still too sick to join us, but Nora and I enjoyed a big Easter dinner with Jessica, Jason, and Kaitlyn (Kiki, as Nora calls her)- Ham, hashbrown casserole, kale greens, roasted carrots, pineapple casserole, and chocolate cake to celebrate my birthday, which is tomorrow.

By the time this week is over and I am posting our next blog entry, Nora will have celebrated her 2nd birthday. I am willing this week to go by sloooowly because I need more time with my ONE year old baby girl. 

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  1. Love her Easter basket!!! Chika is adorable! I need to bring Amelia's Legos upstairs so she can play with them more. She loves her blocks--building and knocking down.
    So sweet!