Monday, February 25, 2013

Week 8- Family Fun

This week, we got to visit with some of the Pratt side of the family who we rarely see! Dan and Jenni were in town from Texas with their boys, Caleb and Caden. Penny held an "Open House", and many of the extended Pratt family stopped by, including Clint and Amanda and their boys, Conrad and Cooper. Nora had fun being the one "delicate flower" among her 4 very active 2nd cousins, ages 2-5!

Before heading to the festivities, though, I had to wake Nora from her nap, which is never a fun task. She looked so sweet and peaceful!

She did not react well to being woken from her sweet slumber, and to keep her calm for the car ride over, I had to sing her lullabyes the whole way there. Some day she will realize that my singing voice is not exactly a wonder to behold.

Once we got to Penny's, she slowly warmed up and began playing. First, she tried to help herself to the treehouse.

Then we went inside so she could get a snack. While inside, she and Caden played sweetly together.  Caden is just a few weeks older than Nora.

Then the kids headed back outside. Nora mostly hung out on the ground, yelling "Whoa!" and "Yay!" as the boys flew down the slide, but she did take a couple of turns down the slide herself with her Daddy's help.

Nora has a ton of boy cousins in her age range. She doesn't get to see them often, but I hope as she grows, she can look forward to seeing them at these little get togethers.

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