Monday, March 25, 2013

Week 12- Seasons Changing

This past week was a long one for me because it was the week before the long-awaited Spring Break! Thankfully, we made it through, and today, Nora and I are resting lazily at home.

Last week, I packed away a lot of Nora's winter clothes, but this week, it has cooled down again, and today, we even got some snow! Despite the cooler temps this week, Nora spent some time playing in our yard, dressed in uncoordinated light layers.

While inside, Nora has taken to running around nekkid this week, especially after bath time. Here she is all curled up in her Daddy's lap. How adorable are they??

As my work week came to an end and spring break was beginning, we took the opportunity to meet up with some friends at Brixx Pizza as a part of a fund raiser for LLS. Brad and I had fun chatting with Allison, Hugh, Patty, and John, while Nora and Amelia had a blast making each other laugh.

So, today was the first official day of spring break, and Nora and I have not left the house at all. As the week goes on, I'll get us out, but for today, we're as snug as 2 bugs at home in our PJs.

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