Sunday, May 4, 2014

Weeks Seventeen and Eighteen

We have celebrated birthdays these past 2 weekends.

Last weekend, we went to Ella's 3rd birthday party. We have a connection with Ella's parents because Dad, Robert, went through much of the immigration process at the same time as I did. Then, we ended up having our girls within just a few weeks of each other. Ella had a birthday party fit for a princess, which seemed to suit both her and Nora perfectly.

The party was on the hottest afternoon of this year so far. I wasn't feeling 100%, so I had to duck into the shade and into the house for most of the time we were there, but Nora has a blast driving around in Ella's Barbie car and eating cupcakes.

This week, we celebrated Brad's birthday! Nora and I let him sleep late this morning. For a gift, he chose to buy tickets to a concert in June. We splurged on the "good" seats since it is Sir Paul McCartney, after all. So, his birthday celebration is a bit delayed, but I have a feeling it will be worth it.

We went to church and then to Dede and Grandpa's house, as we do most Sundays. Dede got a chocolate cake, and Nora was front and center as we sang Happy Birthday to her Daddy.

She stayed front and center for cake and ice cream.

While we were there, Nora has fun playing with her cousin, Naomi. These 2 little girls are becoming pretty enamored with one another, which I love.

Next Sunday is Naomi's christening! We're pretty excited to celebrate such a wonderful milestone and on Mother's Day at that.

Some other things that Nora likes to do on Sunday at Dede and Grandpa's house:

Search under the beds for Kitty Cat Dozier.

And pose for the camera by her favorite tree. Today she cheesed it up a little extra and insisted that Brad and I get in on the fun.

Other things we did today: Decided to drop the price on our house because we've been on the market for 2 months now with some interest but no offers. Also, I went wedding dress shopping with my friend, Jessica, and it was more fun than I anticipated! She's going to be a beautiful bride in June 2015.

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