Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Week Nineteen

This week, we got to celebrate 2 things in one when Naomi was baptized on Mother's Day.  Instead of going to our own church, we attended Redeemer where the baptism was taking place. Since Nora doesn't know anyone there, I kept her with me, and she did so well for more than an hour in the sanctuary during the service. She sat mostly quiet, though we did make 2 trips to the potty. She bounced back a bit between Brad and me, but overall, she did incredibly well for a 3 year old in church.

We went back to Dede and Grandpa's house for a special Mother's Day/baptism celebration lunch, and we had a few extra people join us since it was such a big day. On top of the regular crew, Bo, Lea, Mary, and Sam were there. Rachel Hambright was there. Also, Patrick's mother, sister, and soon-to-be-brother-in-law also  joined us.

Future partners-in-crime
Big smiles!
Back to that favorite tree for a photo op with Daddy.
A picture with a very tired looking Mom on Mother's Day.
Snuggles with a very happy and blessed Momma.
Something else we did this past week was looking at more houses and finding a new #1 house for our list. It has all of our "must haves", including a huge fenced-in yard for our dogs! I really hope it is still on the market when our house finally sells.

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