Sunday, May 25, 2014

Week Twenty-One

Early this week, Nora got to visit with her friend Kaitlyn when we had her come over for dinner and to play while her Mom was working late. Kaitlyn came straight from dance class, as you can see from her sweet outfit. Nora was excited all day about her play date, and the only thing that would have made it better for her would have been if Kaitlyn slept over.

Bubbles and smiles! 

This week at the gym, we wrapped up the season with a little award presentation. Nora had so much fun playing.

Running with the parachute
Hands up to get ready for her forward roll
Balance beam
Nora kept telling Brad she could do it herself, but he wouldn't let go.
Getting her medal
Running off the podium, refusing to smile for the camera

Near the end of the class, she turned into a grumpy pants. She refused to pose with her medal, and she refused to sit with her classmates for a group picture.

Her mood perked up afterwards, though, when we headed with Allison and Amelia to Penelope's birthday party at Ijams. I was surprised that Nora was really into the animals and creatures-- she got just close enough to admire them, but not close enough to touch.

She made up for her lack of smiles at her awards ceremony with plenty of silly smiles while we were on our nature hike.

Nora chatting with the birthday girl, Penelope, in the purple skirt
Nora and Amelia enjoying the trail, hand-in-hand
Sweet friends
Striking a pose
Silly, silly girls

Today, after lunch at Dede and Grandpa's, we visited the grave site of Lt. Benjamin Spottswood Preston, also known as "Uncle Spott", with a flag to honor him this Memorial Day weekend. This is something that Brad did with his mother as a child, and it is a tradition that he continues now. It is both a privilege and a responsibility that may someday be passed on to Nora.

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