Monday, October 21, 2013

Week 42- Boo at the Zoo

Nora experienced the joy and wonder of "trick or treating" for the first time this week. On Friday, we took her to an early Halloween event at the Knoxville Zoo called "Boo at the Zoo".

We got there at 5:30, and there were kids of all ages dressed in costume ready to start collecting an early stash of candy. Of course, Nora had no idea that she was about to fill her little purple bucket (the same one she used to collect Easter eggs because I hadn't thought this whole trick-or-treating thing through...) with sweet treats.

She came upon the first booth, got her first piece of candy, and she was hooked.

She practically ran from one booth to the next once she realized what was waiting for her. Here she is, on a Halloween mission.

On her own...

And hand-in-hand with her butterfly pinata bestie, Amelia...

They attracted their fair share of attention. I know I'm biased, but I don't think it's hard to imagine why. She was a cute little tiger, wasn't she? Even without the head piece that she flat our refused to wear UNTIL she took a candy break on a bench and I sneaked it onto her head for a few pictures.

I'm on to you, but I'm too busy eating this candy bar to care.
She even humored me with a couple of family pictures while in full head gear before she got back to business.

Since we were at the zoo, we even had a chance to spy a few animals. We were most impressed with the elephants and the zebras.

We ended the Halloween adventure with good music (from these lovely recorders- thanks zoo people) and a little dance party before we headed on for dinner.

Hot Cross Buns in perfect harmony. Or not.
We landed at Puleos where Nora ate pizza (shocker, I know), Amelia ate noodles, and they had a fascinating conversation about cookie monster swimming and what would happen when his fur got wet. Oh how much fun it must be to be inside those little 2.5 year old heads.

The rest of the weekend brought some typical family fun:

Watching Tennessee football on TV. Go Big Orange!

And our standard Sunday festivities- church and then lunch with Dede and Grandpa.

Lovely weekend- I wish it could have lasted a little longer.

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