Sunday, October 13, 2013

Week 41- We All Fall Down

Nora had her first playground "incident" this week. Blood was drawn, tears were shed. It was a sad moment. We were at a birthday party for one of her church friends, Jon Loran. There was a playground jungle gym that was really meant for older kids, but of course, it was impossible to keep the little kids away.

Nora LOVES climbing right now, and while doing so, she lost her footing. She was up pretty high, but thankfully Brad and I were standing right next to her. Unfortunately, we couldn't quite reach her torso, so we grabbed her legs. That slowed her fall, but she still fell. Face first. Into the gravel below.

The cuts aren't deep at all, but those first moments when blood was streaming down her face were stressful. We are thankful that it wasn't worse, and she is on the mend.

This weekend was a birthday party extravaganza! We had Jon Loran's 3rd birthday party on Friday and then Kaitlyn's 6th on Sunday. It was held at a petting zoo, and Nora had so much fun seeing and feeding all of the different animals.

Checking out the tigers... rawr!
More interested in this turtle ornament than the real ones
The sign says, "Spitting zone".

There was also some typical birthday party fun to be had, including some spectacular chocolate icing cupcakes.

Waiting not so patiently to dig in to the cupcakes
2 licks of icing, one bite of cake, and then she was ready to go see the animals
All of the kiddos
Nora loved petting and pretending to feed this tiger
All of the running she did around the zoo must have worn her out because she slept for 1.5 hours in the car (We drove around and sat in the driveway until she woke up), and then she slept another 1.5 hours curled up on me in the recliner chair!

Besides all of the fun of birthday partying, our other big happening this weekend was this:

Yep, we turned Nora's car seat in my car to forward facing. She has outgrown the rear-facing limit for height. Her seat in Brad's car is still rear-facing because she still has plenty of room to grow into it.  She did enjoy riding like this, though, and she had fun narrating for us, "I see the moon. I see a car. I see the W." The "W" is the Weigels sign. She's obsessed with the letter W, and she needs to point it out whenever possible.

And as a complete off-topic side-note, here is one of our super-cute dogs. Bailey, our first baby who is still, 2 more dogs and a baby later, unhappy that she is no longer an only child.

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