Monday, June 24, 2013

Week 25- Fever!

I got a call from Tracy on Friday  morning saying that Nora had a fever of 102.7! I felt awful that I sent her to daycare sick like that. She had been whiny that morning, but she hadn't slept well the night before, and I just assumed she was tired. I have to believe that she was not that hot when I shipped her off that morning. Surely I would have noticed if she was burning up like that. Right? Brad picked her up and brought her home to rest. Then, I met them at the doctor's office shortly before 11. The doctor swabbed her throat, and thankfully, she did not have strep. She had a regular ol' virus. We were told to keep the tylenol and ibuprofen to her, and if the fever wasn't gone by Monday, we were supposed to go back in.

We got home just in time for Nora to hurl all over me and our front steps. Better outside than in, I guess.

Once I got us both cleaned up, she spent most of the afternoon curled up on me like this:

Thankfully, by 7 p.m., her appetite was returning. She requested 2 blueberry waffles and some applesauce, which made me feel better. By the next morning, her fever was gone, and her appetite was back in full swing!

Earlier in the week, Momma had a different kind of fever. NKOTB fever!

Allison, Camelia, and I made our way to Nashville on Tuesday afternoon to see Boys II Men, 98 Degrees, and NKOTB. We were just a wee bit excited. As usual, my boyfriend, Joe Mac, did not disappoint. ::Swoon::

Brad and Nora survived the night without me, though Nora does seem to have taken over our bed a bit....

No Daddy! My bed!


  1. I love the segway into NKOTB fever! Bahahaha!!! Glad Nora is better!

  2. LOL!

    I'm glad she's better, too. It was crazy how fast the virus came and went.