Sunday, June 9, 2013

Week 23- Friends and Cousins

This week, Nora did many typical things.

She played in her yard.

She played with her dogs.

She read with her Daddy.

This week, we also celebrated Amelia's 2nd birthday. It was a Peppa Pig birthday party that included a giant bounce house!

Nora had fun playing on "Amelia Land" (a big wooden play house, sliding board, swing set) and eating happy cake.

Also this week, Nora's cousin, "the other Sarah Lyle", became Mrs. Sarah Harris. Since there was a family wedding, Nora's Ohio cousins were in town. She got to play with them for just a little while at Dede and Grandpa's house this afternoon, but Nora loved seeing Matthew, Jack, and Adelle!



  1. We love our Nora was here note on Amelia Land!

  2. She's quite advanced in her writing skills. ;)