Sunday, February 17, 2013

Week 7- Can You Feel The Love?

This week, we celebrated a low-key Valentine's Day. Brad and I ordered take-out from Chop House. He sent flowers to me at school, and I brought home some chocolate covered strawberries.

Nora celebrated at day care and came home with candy, cards, and a big heart-shaped balloon from Ms. Tracy. When I stopped by to pick her up that afternoon, I wanted to get some cute pics of her and her friends, but Nora wasn't in the mood for a photo op.

And just like last year, her Daddy made sure she knew just how special and loved she is by bringing her a red rose and a sweet card.

In other news, Little Miss has been a bit of a picky eater lately. I'm having a hard time getting veggies and protein into her. That is, except for on taco night. I know I can always count on her to eat taco meat, so I pack it with corn and beans for a little extra punch. Since she was about 10 months old, this has been one of her favorites.

She's just as messy as ever!

Keeping with the "love" theme, Nora has been a little snuggle bug lately. She loves snuggling up and reading a good book. I got some cute pictures of her and her Daddy reading together before bedtime earlier this week.

No shocker, they're reading Go Dog, Go. I read this to her 3 times alone just today.

And finally, who doesn't LOVE this giant, cheesy smile???

Yep, this week, I definitely feel the love.

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