Sunday, February 10, 2013

Week 6- 22 Months Old

Earlier this week, Nora turned 22 months old. She is so close to turning 2, and it breaks my heart a little bit to see her growing up so quickly. I remember feeling this way last year, too, but then once her birthday came, I was fine with it. So, hopefully these sad feelings and longing for my baby to stay a baby a little longer will fade a bit in the excitement of celebrating her big day.

Here she is sweetly smiling for her monthly pictures.

For maybe the first time in 22 months, when I took Dolly away from the chair, Nora reached for her. I know that Dolly would eventually win her over.

Here are some more random shots of Nora being cute both at home and while visiting Dede and Grandpa.

We celebrated Grandpa's birthday this week. Nora has taken to calling him Papa, which kind of melts my heart since that's what I used to call my grandfather. I don't know where she came up with it, but I am hesitant to correct her because it is just so sweet. Plus, Grandpa doesn't seem to mind!

Anyway, we had fun celebrating his 74th birthday over dinner at Bo and Lea's. I had intended to take some family pictures, but there was so much going on, that I didn't get around to it. Nora had lots of fun playing with her cousins, though. They let her sit on their laps and play with their phones. They figured out their way to her heart quickly, and so Nora was happy to hang out with them, even without Brad or me anywhere in sight.

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