Sunday, May 10, 2015

Week 19

This week was Mother's Day. My first without mom. I'm going to write about that separately, but in this post, I will focus on the things we did and people we saw.

First of all, let me back up to earlier in the week. Nora's pre-school hosted a Mother's Day breakfast one morning, and I was able to get permission to get to work a little late so I could attend. I'm so glad I did. Nora and I got to share a plate of yummy fruit and pastries, and she proudly presented me with the sweetest little painting.

She asked me to take her picture with her butterfly-feet painting. She was so proud to give this to me, which made my heart so happy. We attempted a mother-daughter selfie, but, well...

Oh well, we tried. :)

On Mother's Day itself, Brad let me sleep late (ok, until 9:15, but these days, that *is* late) while he took the girls to Target so the house would be nice and quite for my few extra hours of sleep. When they got back, Nora woke me up to tell me that they had some cards for me, and as well, they added a personal entry to my "Mother's Day Book"-- something they started for me last year. It's just a regular hard-cover note book that Brad adds pictures and notes to for me. Here is this year's page:

We got all dressed and ready to go to church, but 10 minutes before we were supposed to leave, Nora said she wasn't feeling well and crawled into bed for a nap. I decided not to push the issue and let her rest for a while.

After a while, and when Nora confirmed that she felt fine, we finished getting ready so we could go to Bo and Lea's for lunch to celebrate with Brad's family.

Me and my girls on our way to Mother's Day lunch.

We had a nice time, and everyone enjoyed seeing the little girls-- our 2, as well as Naomi.

I made it through the day with just a few tears, and it ended up being a pretty nice Mother's Day, even though I was missing my mom so much.

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