Friday, July 4, 2014

Weeks Twenty-Five and Twenty-Six

Nora is now in a 10 week summer session at The Little Gym, and instead of doing strictly gymnastics, she is now taking a dance/gymnastics combo class. That means the first 30 minutes is a combination of tap and ballet and the second half is in the gym. The first week was kind of tough for Nora because it was the first time she was in an independent class as opposed to a parent/child class. She didn't want to leave me, so she pretty much just watched the dance portion of the class and then reluctantly participated in the gymnastics.

Weeks 2 and 3 were much better, though.

Here are some pictures from week 2, which is the first week Nora willfully participated.

I think there were 2 things that contributed to a better week. First is that her BFF Amelia joined the class. The second is that we talked all week not only about the class, but about what she was going to wear. I know this sounds silly, but she was so fixated on wearing this little green dress that every day she would point to it in her closet and tell me that she was going to wear it to ballet class. I jumped right on that train and played it up for all it was worth.

Here is week 3. I love that more than half of the girls are wearing the same sweet little dance outfit from Target. It was so cute seeing them all come in one after the other in the same dress.

I am hoping Nora loves it enough that we can continue with the dance/gymnastics combo for the regular season, too.

I also have to share this picture of Nora "jumping in muddy puddles". It rained a lot this week, and thanks to her "friend" Peppa Pig, puddle jumping, especially bare-footed, is one of her favorite activities.

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