Monday, December 16, 2013

Week 50- Countdown to Christmas

We are in full-fledged Christmas spirit in the Lyle household. Nora loves looking at the ornaments and moving them around. Notice Cinderella in one hand and a french horn in the other.

Brad also introduced her to his favorite Christmas special ever- Rudolph. I'm more of a Mickey's Christmas Carol kind of girl, but I have to admit that watching these 2 watch Rudolph together was awesome. Nora was very into it, especially the parts with the abominable snowman.

This week, I took Nora for another hair cut. As usual, it was just a trim, but this time for the first time, Nora sat all by herself in the big girl chair instead of on my lap!

Traci showed Nora her hair and encouraged her to blow it away. That trick was a big hit.

Also this week, Nora went to a birthday party for another of her church friends. Sophie turned 4 and had a "Princess and Pirate" party. Kids were asked to come dressed up.

Nora found the Princess Nail Salon pretty quickly and had her nails painted for the first time.

After decorating her own cookie and getting her first tattoo (see Ariel on her right hand), she ate some icing off of a piece of cake and watched Sophie open all of her presents. Wow, is it tough for 2-4 year olds to watch other kids open presents and not want to help themselves to everything in sight. Nora tried to make away with a baby doll, but I got it back to its rightful owner before we left. Thankfully, she was distracted by the balloon station where Sophie's dad made her a special flower.

We also spent some time at Dede and Grandpa's where Nora got her Christmas gift from Elisabeth, Patrick, and Naomi early since we won't be there on Christmas Day this year.

She even got to Facetime with Naomi for a minute! On our way out, she gave Dede and Grandpa some big hugs as she always does.

Finally, this weekend, we returned to the scene of "the crime" (epic meltdown) to make a 2nd attempt at Christmas photos. I'm SO glad that we did. Nora was a perfect angel, smiled beautifully for the camera (with perhaps a little candy cane motivation), and we walked away with some perfect pictures.

And just for a fun comparison, here is my own Christmas picture from 1979 when I was the exact same age that Nora is now.

I see a resemblance, but I don't think we look identical as so many others seem to think. I can't look at Nora without seeing Brad in her face even if the resemblance isn't as obvious to others.

The next time I post a blog entry, it will include some pictures of our arrival into Canada for Christmas. Momma, I'm comin' home!

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