Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Week 49- Sesame Street Part Deux

Sesame Street Live was in Knoxville this week. I really wanted to take Nora and get the "Sunny Seats", which included front row seats and back stage passes. Brad didn't think we should attend because we have a big trip to Nova Scotia coming up, and let's face it-- that's not cheap!  We compromised and used a coupon code on less expensive seats. This was all going down on Tuesday, a "school night", and it was actually a struggle to get Nora ready and out the door (to Sesame Street!) She was also really demanding while we were at the show. Since we forced her to attend, she needed popcorn, candy, and juice to be able to suffer through. She also needed to (pretended to need to) go to the potty three times.

Despite all the drama, we managed to enjoy ourselves.

Is it just me, are are the lights actually twinkling in this still picture?!
Checking out the Elmo balloons. At $10 a pop, we declined.
Nora's favorites, Abby and Elmo
Saying goodbye to the whole gang.
The part Nora actually got the most excited about was a group of chickens that came on stage. She pointed and yelled with glee, practically shaking, "CHICKENS!!" You probably had to be there, but it was very funny. We didn't get a picture of them, but here they are:

In the end, it was probably the best we didn't get the Sunny Seats because every time a character came into the audience and got near us, Nora didn't want to have anything to do with them. I'm still glad we went, though because it was fun for all of us.

On Wednesday, Brad had to go out of town to work at the high school football tournament in Cookeville, leaving Nora and me alone for 3 nights. I picked Nora up from Tracy's, and we decided to stop at the playground. Nora had the best time on the swings, which used to be her least favorite.

However, before the night was over, she was complaining of aches and pains all over her body. It turns out she had a stomach bug. Poor little thing. She got sick 5 times in 3 hours, and she was just so upset and confused by it. She wanted me to sleep with her, so I got us into her bed surrounded by towels, and we managed to get a good nights sleep.

Thankfully, she didn't get sick again after we fell asleep. We obviously stayed home on Thursday, and while she didn't eat much, she was feeling much better. We did take a 4 hour afternoon nap, but other than that, her energy level and mood was back to normal.

We went back to school on Friday, and Brad got home late Friday night. Hooray!

By the the time Saturday rolled around, Nora was feeling good and was ready to hit the gym. We went to her Little Gym class, but we were sad that Ms. Sarah had the week off. Afterwards, we joined Allison and Amelia for lunch at Tomato Head. The girls had fun checking out the menus and picking at their pizza together.

It was a busy week with so many ups and downs. I'm glad it started and ended on a positive one.

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  1. That is a fancy twinkly picture!!! I am amazed and can't stop staring at it!