Sunday, December 1, 2013

Week 48- Thankful

Thanksgiving week has come to an end. It had its ups: Family and good food. And it had its downs: Nora ended up sick with an ear infection and something funky going on in her throat- hopefully not strep- results will be in tomorrow. She also threw an epic tantrum when we tried (and failed) to get her Christmas pictures taken.

But still, we are thankful.

We are thankful for family, especially these children who give us so much joy, and maybe a few head aches here and there, but mostly joy.

Adelle and Nora waiting patiently for Thanksgiving dinner.

Nora laughing hysterically at Matt who was making funny noises and faces.

Lovely, sweet girls.

Smiles from Jack, Nora, Matthew, and Adelle. I love these sweet Wroblewski kids.
We are thankful for quality time together, like during our excursion to Fantasy of Trees, even though Nora was feeling under the weather. We didn't know it when we went. Her fever spiked that night, which explained her grumpiness at the event. Still, though, we are thankful.

On our way, Nora all decked out in her favorite polka-dot hoodie and winter hat.

Who is this teenager? Walking from our car to the Convention Center.

Checking out one of the displays in her cute little Levi jeans.

Do you see that look in her eyes? 1 second later, she dropped this ornament, which was thankfully not made of glass.


Checking out Mommy's Rudolph nose.

Fun on the carousel.

Reluctantly posing with Daddy- the cookie helped.


She insisted on sitting by the water for a little while. 

Enjoying some fresh air, and still digging into that Christmas cookie.

Too cool to hold hands.
So, today, we were supposed to have a fun-filled afternoon filled with Christmas pictures, Santa Claus, the in-door play ground, and tree decorating, but Nora is still under the weather. As I mentioned, we attempted to get pictures done, but Nora was having none of it. I just love when she throws a public tantrum. Is my sarcasm apparent? We came home, and she tantrumed and tantrumed and tantrumed some more. Then she slept for 2.5 hours. She woke up and tantrumed some more. It was epic. Then something clicked, and she decided she was ready to join the world of the reasonable again. She was back to her sweet self as though nothing had happened. 

So pictures were a bust. Santa was a bust. The playground was a bust. And as of now, 9 p.m., the tree still isn't decorated. 

But still, we have so much to be thankful for at Thanksgiving and always.


  1. Oh No!!!! I hope she feels better!
    I love how they can turn on a dime like nothing ever happened. I hope you got to reschedule your pictures!

  2. When I left, they asked me to reschedule, and I said "no", but now that I've had time to get over it, I *might* reschedule. The good thing about PI is that you get your pics back the same day, so even if it is somewhat last minute, I can still have them for Christmas.