Sunday, September 22, 2013

Weeks 37 and 38- Lullaby and Goodnight

I think this is a first. I did not do a blog entry at all last week. It's not because we didn't have pictures to share. It's not because I forgot. The problem is that a certain little someone will not go to sleep at night in her own crib. She is falling asleep on me, still, in the rocking chair, and by the time I get her down, I've been dog tired with a thousand things to still get done. Each day I would think, "Tonight I'll update the blog", and then 10:00, 10:30, 11:00 PM would roll around, and it would get pushed to the back burner once again.

So anyway, playing catch up.

Last weekend, we took Nora to the Tennessee Valley Fair. Last year when we took her, she was really only interested in the animals. She wasn't big enough to ride many (if any) rides, and the rest of the fair was completely lost on her at just 18 months old. This year, it wasn't much different. She liked the animals, the carousel, the fish pond, and sitting by the water.

We got on the teacups ride, which she thought was fun for about 20 seconds before deciding she wanted to get off immediately. Thankfully, we were the only people on the ride, so the operator was able to stop and let us off.

However, there was one thing she absolutely loved. The tractors. Color me surprised by this.

We walked through the barn on 2 separate occasions, and she insisted on climbing up on every single one. She would have stayed longer if I didn't drag her way for nap time.

And this is how she felt about nap time that day.

Dreaming about tractors.

After nap time, she did enjoy showing off her fish pond prize, an orange elephant, while eating her fair food: Animal Crackers! (It could have been much worse. Deep fried Oreos, anyone?)

I wish I could say that as these weeks come to a close that her bedtime routine was getting back to normal, but...

As much as I want her to have an easier time going to bed at night, I know this, too, shall pas. Plus, I can't even be upset at a this face.

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