Monday, May 27, 2013

Week 21- Let The Sunshine In

It has been a gorgeous week with lots of sunshine and, therefore, lots of time spent outdoors. My regular school year has ended, and even though summer school starts soon, I am somewhat in vacation mode.

Since it's so beautiful, Nora has spent lots of time playing in our yard.

With her dogs...

On her own little obstacle course...

Kicking a ball...

We also spent some time downtown at Market Square. On Saturday, we met Daniel, Aundrea, and baby Evelyn for some fresh air around Krutch Park and lunch at Tupelo Honey. Nora was so excited to see the baby, and even though baby Evie gave her a few good pokes in the eye, Nora stayed sweet and gentle with her.

Today, we met Allison and Amelia at the fountain in Market Square for some fun in the sun. The girls donned their swim wear, and although they started out a little shy, they eventually decided that it looked like a good time.

Once we got the girls dried off, we grabbed lunch at Trio, where the girls played "I found you" and "I see you" under the table amid fits of giggles. Nora had a gooey peanut butter and jelly panini, and she ate almost the entire thing! Then, we went for a leisurely stroll.

How cute are they?? We headed home just in time for a nice long afternoon nap. It would be a perfect day to lounge in a hammock with some lemonade, if I had either of those things.

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