Sunday, May 5, 2013

Week 18- Happy Birthday, Brad!

This week, Brad celebrated this big 4-3.

It's been a bit of a dreary week with lots of rain, and unfortunately, Brad had to work on his birthday. While he was getting set up for the UT vs. GA baseball game, Nora and I visited her BFF Amelia for a couple of hours. Nora loves going to "Mimi's" house because she has 10 times the number of toys that we do. We tried to get them to play with play doh, but they were far more interested in Amelia's red wagon among other things. They danced, they laughed, they ran, they squealed, and our 2 little girls ate what I think worked out to be an entire bag of microwave popcorn EACH. Allison and I lounged in our sweats and sipped diet cokes. A good time was had by all.

I got a message from Brad just as we were getting ready to leave Allison and Amelia's saying that the game was canceled due to the rain, so he didn't have to work until 10 or 11 like he was supposed to. Score!

We had a quiet evening since we didn't plan for him to be home, and I baked some blondie brownies, which are his favorite. I know the recipes I have tried in the past and now do not quite measure up the the blondies of his childhood, but I'm working on it!

Today, after church, we went to Dede and Grandpa's for lunch. Ben and Nancy are visiting from Georgia because Brooke graduates this week. It was nice to have them here to celebrate Brad's birthday.

If looks could kill...
Blowing out the candles on Daddy's happy cake.
The loves of my life. <3
Do I have something on my face?
This coming week will be a busy one at work for me. It's my first EOC week as a high school teacher! Here's hoping my students got lots of rest on this rainy weekend because their brains are going to have to work overtime for the next few days.

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