Saturday, February 7, 2015

Week 6

This week, we had a couple of warmer days with temperatures up in the mid-high 50s, so we took advantage and got the girls outside for some fresh air.

The first opportunity we had was on a "school day" after Nora had been at pre-school all day, so we just walked around our neighborhood. Can I tell you how nice it is to live in a neighborhood now where you can go for a walk without having to drive somewhere first?

The second nice day we got was on Saturday. We love to try to wear Nora out on weekends, so after her Little Gym class in the morning, we thought it would be perfect to let her play at the park. We went for a walk first, and then we let her play on the playground. This tactic apparently worked like a charm because she fell asleep in fewer than 5 minutes at bedtime. Score!

While we enjoyed some fun family time outdoors, we also had some quiet moments at home. Well, as quiet as it gets with 2 little ones at home.

And finally, we celebrated Grandpa's 76th birthday at Bo and Lea's house. Nora played hard with some of her cousins, and she also got to help Grandpa blow out his candles.

Looking back, I can't believe how busy week 6 was mostly because I'm just 2.5 weeks post c-section. I feel really great, and I don't think I even realized how much so!

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