Monday, October 27, 2014

Weeks Forty-One and Forty-Two

One of the highlights of these past couple of weeks was our trip to Atlanta to see "Disney Presents Frozen on Ice". While we were there, we also visited the aquarium. Allison and Hugh took Amelia as well, so Nora had a friend to play with all weekend.

I have to admit, I had hoped that since it was 10 months since Nora's last big car ride that she would be a better traveler, but she really wasn't. My child hates long car rides. HATES!!  The trip to Atlanta was torture. She whined and cried and screamed, and I thought Brad and I might lose our minds. Thankfully, on the car ride back, she got really into watching a couple of movies, and we were able to travel in peace.

While we were in Atlanta, she definitely had fun but also had some moments of crankiness. Both Frozen and the aquarium were packed to their limits, and I think that was a little bit overwhelming. It was also stressful for Brad and me at the aquarium because Nora wanted to explore a little more freely, which just wasn't possible due to the very large crowd. I'd say the highlight of the aquarium was the dolphin show when we were able to sit down and just enjoy it.

Overall, I'm glad we took the trip. I'm not sure how much Nora will remember of these excursions and events, but I'm hoping she at least has some vague memories of the fun she had.

The big FROZEN show:

Happily waiting for the show to begin
Anna, Olaf, and Kristoff
The trolls!
It's Sven! And Arandelle is saved.
Sisters are the best

The Aquarium:

Waving to the scuba diver
A moment of grumpiness
Back to smiling

And the hotel:

Showing off $38 in Frozen memorabilia
Farewell, Atlanta!

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