Thursday, March 27, 2014

Week Twelve

Last week was spring break, and while the weather warmed and cooled, warmed and cooled, Frozen (the movie and the Little Golden Book) came to our house.

As if we didn't already have all of the lyrics to all of the songs memorized, and as if we hadn't already established our roles (Nora is Elsa; I am Anna), now we are getting close to memorizing all of the dialogue as well. No complaints from me, though. If I'm stuck watching a movie over and over, this one is a million times better than the Little Mermaid phase we went through around Christmas time. Sorry, Ariel, but you could learn a thing or two from the 2 newest Disney princesses.

Nora also got lots of play time this week. First, we had a cook out with Jessica, Jason, Nhyle, and Kaitlyn. Nora mostly played and hardly ate, but all of the fresh air and running around knocked her out once we got home that evening.

On Saturday, after our regular Little Gym class, we had a picnic lunch and some play time with Allison and Amelia. On this particular day, the girls played so hard that Amelia crashed for a long nap as soon as Nora left, and while Nora skipped nap time, she was asleep for the night by 6 p.m. (If only she'd stay asleep all night and let me sleep in my own bed!)

Finally, on Sunday, the day we have been waiting for 7 months (and almost 8 months before that!)... Nora finally got to meet her cousin Naomi! Nora was stand-offish at first, but after lunch, she and Naomi had some bonding time.

Nora hasn't stopped talking about "baby Naomi" and "baby Naomi's giraffe" since Sunday. It's funny to look at them now with Nora seeming so much bigger and older than Naomi knowing that a year or two from now (and for years to come), they'll be into everything together!

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