Sunday, November 17, 2013

Week 46- Fun With Friends

Today is "World Prematurity Day", and March of Dimes encouraged people to wear purple in honor of premature babies in our lives. Brad, Nora, and I wore purple for Naomi, of course! She will turn 3 months old in a few days. Her adjusted age is 1 month now, so she's starting to meet those 1 month developmental milestones, and she's growing steadily. She's up from 3 lbs 14 oz to 10 lbs now!

Yesterday and today, Nora stopped to pose on the pumpkin on our way out. Completely unprompted. She sat and said, "Cheese!" and looked at me, waiting for me to get the camera and take her picture. Do you think this child has had her picture taken much in the past 2.5 years?

Here's yesterday's version on our way to her gymnastics class.

Yesterday was a busy day for Nora. We went to The Little Gym for her 12:30 "Superbeasts" class. Then, a little later in the afternoon, we picked up Kaitlyn and went to Amelia's house for some fun. Nora's mind was blown that she got to play with BOTH of her friends at the same time!

The girls got to make their own Papa Murphy pizzas and tear up Allison's livingroom by taking pretty much every one of Amelia's toys out of her toy baskets.

Creating a masterpizza
Testing out some of the ingredients
Almost ready for the oven!
Nora and Amelia got impatient waiting for pizzas to be ready so they started singing the "Clean Up" song and sweeping up for Allison.

Cook, pizza, cook!
What's taking so long?
Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere!

Finally, at long last (10 minutes later), the pizzas were ready.

Before we left for the evening, Nora and Amelia had a little giggle and hug fest in the tent. Honestly, they couldn't possibly be any cuter together.

After we left Allison and Amelia, we headed home where Nora had her first ever sleepover at our house. In the car on our way, Kaitlyn was very talkative and educated me about several important things: Where babies come from (they magically appear in their mom's belly), the rules of the road (did you just run a red light?!) No, I didn't. But thanks for watching out for us, Kaity! She also informed me that since she was spending the night with us, her mom and Jason would probably be very bored because they never did anything fun anyway. 6 year olds are a blast! Something to look forward to in a few years with Nora.

So once we got home, the girls took a bath and then crawled into bed in their PJs for some bedtime stories.

I know one day all too soon, they'll be flipping through teen magazines with pictures of their favorite boy bands instead of princess bedtime stories.

I had hoped that with Kaitlyn by her side, Nora would sleep better, but no such luck. She woke up at 1 a.m. and ended up in bed with me because there was no way all 3 of us were sleeping in Nora's bed. Oh well! It was still a fun evening even if my master "sleep in my own bed without Nora all night long" plan was a bust.

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