Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Week 44- We All Love To Trick or Treat

Nora has been really into all things Halloween this year. She's been watching her new favorite TV show, Little Einsteins, and she especially loves their Halloween episode, which includes this cute little song set to classical music. "We all love to trick or treat, trick or treat, trick or treat. We all love to trick or treat so Happy Halloween!" I wish I could have taught her to sing it as she went door-to-door. Maybe next year.

Speaking of door-to-door.

Nora and Kaitlyn has fun knocking on doors for candy on a perfectly warm but windy Halloween night. It was so sweet hearing Nora say "trick or treat" and then "thank you" at each house. At some houses, a basket full of candy was left out for children to choose from, and Nora thoughtfully chose one piece of candy at each of those houses to put in her pumpkin.

I felt like a domestic genius when I cut up her tiger head piece, which you may remember that she hated at Boo at the Zoo. I hot glued it to a head band and voila!

She wore it all night long without complaint. I WIN! In the end, our little tiger and orange tabby cat collected a pretty good stash of candy.

Brad and I sifted through and picked out a few of our favorites. (What? She's 2. She doesn't know any better, nor does she need all that candy ha!) I also picked out some that I didn't want her to have for various reasons and took it to school for my students. (Just what they didn't need.) Since Halloween, Nora has been asking for candy each day, and we let her choose one piece after dinner. Her favorites were the dum dum suckers followed by all other suckers. Now she's into her "leftovers", and she's having a harder time choosing. I'll be interested to see how she handles it once the pumpkin is empty because I can promise you that I won't be buying a random bag of candy to continue her post-Halloween habit.

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