Sunday, July 21, 2013

Week 29- Staycation

This week, both Brad and I have finally had some time off, and we have done absolutely nothing but stay close to home, which was exactly what we needed.

On Friday, we took Nora down to Market Square where she insisted upon running through the fountains. Thankfully I had a swimsuit and swim diaper with me because I'm pretty sure she would have caused a scene if we had told her no. Afterwards, we had lunch at Tomato Head where Nora devoured a slice of ham and pineapple pizza. Then, for an extra treat, we stopped by Rita's for some frozen custard.

Is my child the only weirdo who tries to eat a custard cone with a spoon?

Yesterday, we decided to try to give Nora another break from the heat by bringing her back to Dede and Grandpa's swimming pool. She talks big game about getting in the water with Daddy, but once she's actually faced with it, she is a little hesitant.

Brad does a great job of easing her in and talking her up, but she still won't stay in the water with him for more than a minute or 2. So, Brad ended up doing a lot of swimming by himself while Nora and I just dipped our toes.

It's worth noting that at 86 degrees, the pool water was more like bath water. It *almost* made me want to get in.

Something else that Nora has been doing recently is asking to sit on the potty after bath time. Now, only twice has she actually done anything IN the potty, but considering that she used to treat it like a torture device, I guess actually sitting on it is a pretty good first step!

In other big news? I said good bye to my first car. I imagine Nora will find it strange and funny that I didn't get my drivers license until I was 32, and when I did, we were gifted a 1992 Honda Accord by Brad's parents. (They bought it from Brad's aunt and uncle Penny and Bill.) It has served me well over the past 4 years, but this week, I traded it in for a not-nearly-as-old 2004 Honda Accord. Yes, the same car. Why mess with a good thing?

Once I get used to the really good brakes, I think I'm going to love this car.

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