Sunday, April 21, 2013

Week 16- Outside

"Outside" is one of Nora's top 5 favorite words right now, I think. It comes after "crackers", "Elmo", and "no". This week was a perfect week to spend time outside.

Even though we had a rainy day or two, we also had several days of sunshine. Brad took advantage of the nice weather, and mowed our yard. He was pretty proud of his accomplishment, so he took some pictures to commemorate our neatly manicured lawn.

 Nora got to enjoy the freshly cut grass, too. She loves hanging out in her lawn chair and chasing her ball around the yard.

I get it! I get it!
Got it!

Sometimes, though, I think she gets tired of having her picture taken. Check out this dirty look.

We decided that while our yard was nice and all, the Northwest/Victor Ashe Greenway was calling our names. Nora grabbed her favorite Dora hat and her baby doll, and we headed out for a leisurely stroll.

Nora's has two things that she loves about this walk. First, she loves to point and yell "water" as we walk along a small stream that runs for a good length of the greenway. The second thing is the horses (and the donkey) that live in a yard that backs up to the walk way.

Bye bye, Horses!
By the time we were done, Nora had walked a whole mile without being carried at all!

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