Monday, April 15, 2013

Week 15- Can You Tell Me How To Get...?

We were so excited this week to be able to take Nora to Charlotte, North Carolina, to see Sesame Street Live! I got the idea from some mommy friends of mine a couple of months ago, and Brad and I decided to make it Nora's "big" birthday gift. We checked with Allison and Hugh to see if they wanted to take Amelia, and a plan was made. This would be Nora's first out of state roadtrip!

We decided we'd make a whole weekend of it. On Friday, we arrived in Charlotte early-mid afternoon, and we went straight to a Children's Museum where Nora and Amelia ran around checking out all of the displays set up to encourage "imaginative play".

When we left the museum, we stopped by Target for a few things and then for dinner at Outback. We checked into the hotel just in time to get Nora a bath and to bed. I shared a bed with Nora, and she was so excited that it took her over an hour to get settled and fall asleep, but I have to admit, I rather enjoyed waking up to Nora using my face as her own personal pillow.

On Saturday, we got up, took advantage of the delicious and FREE breakfast in our hotel lobby, and then we met up with the Jarnagins to head to the big show. Nora and Amelia were adorable in their matching outfits. I love this picture because Amelia is giving Nora the stink eye.

Once the show got started, there are only 2 words I can think of to describe Nora's reaction to seeing her favorite furry friends up close.


And awe-struck.

As the show was coming to a close, Nora was getting super sleepy.

She fell asleep in the car before we could even get to lunch.

We had hoped to go to a birthday party of a sweet little girl who lives in the Charlotte area. Her Mom is a mommy-friend of mine who I met online back when we were pregnant with our girls. Unfortunately, Nora woke up from this car nap with a bee in her bonnet, so to speak, and we just couldn't get our act together in time to make it to the party. That was my only disappointment of the whole weekend.

I'm so glad we made the trip. While Nora might not remember her first big concert event, seeing her enjoy herself in the moment made it time and money well spent.

Our next big road trip? New Jersey/Philadelphia in July! Maybe we'll find our way back to Nora's Sesame Street friends while we are up that way.

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