Sunday, January 27, 2013

Week 4- Stir Crazy

We made it through a fairly uneventful week. Nora has been feeling better for the most part, except for a runny nose and those pesky 2 year molars that are giving her fits.

We were looking forward to the weekend since the previous one was spent indoors with a stomach bug; however, by Wednesday night, we were once again looking at a prediction for "winter weather". Sure enough, on Thursday night, we got word that school would be canceled on Friday. We woke up Friday to rain, ice, and sub-freezing temperatures.

I really thought we would go crazy indoors. By the end of the day, Nora was literally running laps around her table. It was both hysterically funny and maddening at the same time. We did our best to keep her busy, but one can only do the same puzzles, roll the same ball, and read the same books so many times. I think even Nora was getting tired of Elmo, and that is saying something.

Here Brad is doing his fatherly duty, trying to keep her from going completely shack happy.

I decided that no matter what the weather, I HAD TO get Nora out of our house on Saturday. I texted Allison and we made plans to get Nora and Amelia together. We opted for the indoor playground at West Town Mall. Nora was so excited to realize that her friend Amelia was there, and they had fun running around like the little hooligans that they are.

We ended our playdate with lunch at the food court. A hot dog and fritos for Nora. Pizza for Amelia. Then they shared an oatmeal raisin cookie. Toddler approved, although not exactly high on the nutrition charts! After a fun afternoon with her bestie, we headed home so Nora could take a nap.
Brad and I decided that after so much time cooped up inside that she needed some more "run around" time. It was a little on the chill side, but we took her to Victor Ashe where she ran and ran and ran around on the jungle gym until we just couldn't keep up with her anymore. It was a delightful day, and we successfully wore Nora out. Or maybe she wore us out. Either way, it was good for all of us.
When we got home, I tried to make up for her less-than-stellar lunch with some homemade split pea soup for dinner. I was pleasantly surprised that Nora gave it an approving "YUM" several times.
Not surprisingly, she went to bed for the night without a peep. 
The week ahead is supposed to be a bit warmer, so I'm hoping we can get Nora out of the house a few times.

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