Saturday, January 12, 2013

Week 2- Christmas In January

We received a gift in the mail from my parents last week- a check! We had fun shopping for Christmas presents, and Nora had so much fun perusing the toy aisles at Target. Here she is with some of her new toys. Not surprisingly, she picked out Elmo herself!

Thanks, Nanny and Grampy! Notice Daddy's IPod Touch in her right hand?

Did you want to make something of it? (Also, how about that post-bath and not-yet-combed hair?)

Nora wasn't the only one who did some shopping. I bought some new clothes, and I treated myself to a pedicure. Brad is saving his money for a rainy day. (Perhaps to take me out for Valentine's Day? How sweet of him!)

Despite the Christmas shopping in January, it sure hasn't felt much like Christmas today. While we've had some cold and rainy days over the past couple of weeks, it was a decidedly spring-like 75 degrees (24 celsius) today. After Nora woke up from her afternoon nap, we headed over to the greenway that connects Victor Ashe Park to Northwest Middle School for a walk. We meandered our way for about a mile, and Nora walked about half of that on her own! She really enjoyed greeting the dogs that were out for walks with their owners, and she was fascinated by the running water in a nearby creek.


She decided to take a little break. At this point she had walked most of her 1/2 mile and was getting tired. She wanted to be carried most of the way back to the car from here. She did not want to ride in her stroller. She wanted to "ride" in my arms. Fine by me!

We stopped by Food City on our way home because Brad decided it was the perfect night to grill steaks. Nora and I waited in the car, and we had fun tossing a ball back and forth while we waited for her Daddy to return to the car with dinner.

After dinner time and bath time, Nora was worn out. She's normally in bed for the night at 8:00. At 7:45, I asked her if she was almost ready for bed. At first, she told me "uh uh", but then after a second, she looked at me and said "night night" and walked straight to her crib. Most nights, she will talk, sing, and play for a little while before falling asleep, but tonight, I heard nary a peep from her.

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  1. OHHH!!! A see and say!!! I want one of those. I loved mine when I was little. That is a neat Elmo too.