Saturday, September 13, 2014

Weeks Thirty-Five and Thirty-Six

We were excited last week to learn that Nora's Wroblewski cousins were in town from Toledo, and that they would be hanging out at Dede and Grandpa's pool, so we packed up our stuff and headed that way so they could spend some time playing together. They are like little fish in the water while Nora is still hesitant, but once pool time was over they had fun playing together, and they even were kind enough to pose for the camera for us.

Naomi's first picture with the gang!

Here is "Uncle Brad" getting in a few quality minutes with Naomi. Silly girl got very serious when I turned the camera on them.

So, once again, it is football time in Tennessee!! We train 'em up young down here in the SEC. We've been brainwashing teaching Nora that on Saturdays in the fall, we wear orange. She is reluctant but is going along with us for now. She did randomly yell out "Touchdown!" in the car a few days ago, so I think she is starting to catch on.


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